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James Sirius Potter 

Albus Severus Potter

Lily Polumna Potter


posted on Mar 31 14 @ 12:51pm

i love this movie, so and book. and wbu?

posted on Jan 06 14 @ 01:12pm
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i dunno i like it. ♥

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That was Canadian in Justin. lmao. EVERYONE, THATS MY CANADIAN BOY.

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mom, we are moving!

posted on Jun 11 13 @ 06:54am
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i believe in..

posted on Jun 11 13 @ 06:52am
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look at Justin’s face. lol

posted on Jun 11 13 @ 06:28am
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Kol seems like he’s youthful and playful, but also a bit on unstable side. or maybe very unstable, judging by how scared shitless Klaus seemed of him. i have a feeling i’m gonna fall in love with Kol HARD. He’s also really cute. and his smile..asdfghjkl

posted on Jun 10 13 @ 11:26am
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Soo.. what about me? huh. I wanna live in Narnia, study at Hogwarts, join The HalfBlood Camp on summer and take a part in a  Hunger games. Yeah, i wanna take a part bc at those time I’d be hilarious witch. Avada Kedavra bitch and i’m the winner. La la la

posted on Jun 09 13 @ 09:41pm
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I still like to watch Harry Potter. Idk.. but my life would never be the same without HP stories. I really wanna thank J. K. Rowling for my amazing childhood. She made my life more interesting.. and thanks to her I believe in magic. Thank you so much J. K. Rowling for your adorable books and thanks to HP cast for their flawless play. I love you and I will love you till the end of time guys. ♥

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gosh. i’ve never seen this pic before. omg. Jasmine, Caitlin, Justin. gosh gosh gosh. i can’t breathe. asdfghjkl

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i just noticed that. omg. 


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do you remember that?

posted on Jun 06 13 @ 12:15pm
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i’ll always be here for you, Justin. no matter what.

i was here, i’m here, i’ll be always here only for you Justin, bc i’m a Belieber.

once a Belieber, forever a Belieber.


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